Me right now

At the time of this post I am a 56 year old man living in the mid-west of the United States of America. I know the best part of my life is my family. This family of mine has saved my life so many times. I just cannot imagine my life without them. Yet, at the same time I don’t see much of them as often as I would like.

I have four kids. Two of those kids are adults. One of the adult kids has kids of his own. So I am a grandpa. I love being a grandpa. I love being a father. I love being a husband.

Do you ever try to focus on something and you just cannot? I have so many thoughts that all want out at the same time, it seems improbable that I’d be able to pick one. So, in 15 seconds, the thought that is on my mind is what we are going to focus on in the next post.

Got it.